DF12 Weight Loss Program

Does this sound familiar?

It’s the end of a loooong workday and you have no idea what to eat for dinner so you order a pepperoni pizza. 

Your afternoon snack consists of whatever is in the vending machine or you stop by and get an iced coffee.

You feel like it is impossible to lose weight because you have tried EVERY diet out there and none worked.

You don’t like all the “diet” type foods like salads, broccoli, cottage cheese, etc. 

You love carbs and don’t want to give them up! 

You’d love to have more energy to do things like play with your kids/grandkids.

You are tired of going to the doctor and getting on more medications.

You’ve been eating more and have been less active since COVID-19.

You could do another fad diet and it would work for short term but why waste your time and energy? Instead try a full support coaching program and in 3 months you could:

Actually save money because you spend less money at fast foods and vending machines

Have more energy to spend time with family and friends

Be excited about what you are eating

Have more confidence and feel less stressed about your body and health

Make meal planning easier and stop feeling like it is a dreaded task

Feel healthier

Have healthy habits in place to keep you feeling energetic, less stressed and sleep better

Join my 12 week weight loss coaching program. This is not another diet. This COMPREHENSIVE program provides you with the resources and support to get you working towards your weight loss goals, keep you motivated and give you tools to help you establish healthy habits. Eating healthy and losing weight takes time and support. I am here coach you along the way and keep you motivated. I don’t want you wasting your time on diets that will cause you to gain the weight back. I want to show you how to use food to help you feel so much better.

What You Will Get


  • Three 1:1 coaching session with Denise Fields (your weight loss coach)
  • 12 modules full of information that give you support and guidance to help you establish healthy habits
  • Meal and recipe ideas that help make meal planning easy
  • Access to an app that has a place to record food intake. This allows your weight loss coach review it as needed. The app helps keep you accountable and on target to reaching your goals.
  • Weekly action plans to keep you on track


  • Unlimited email support
  • Weekly check-ins with Denise Fields this will help keep you on track
  • Access to DF12 VIP private Facebook group that will help keep you motivated and give you more support

How is this different than any other diet you’ve tried?

You get so much support and resources to keep you on track. This is not just a meal plan or a low carb diet. For long term success, it takes weekly check-ins, personalized plans and actions to keep you accountable. This 12 week coaching program includes all of that. You get meal plans and weekly activities that show you how to make healthy eating habits fit into your lifestyle. You’ll get meal planning tips and tricks to you save time. You get 1:1 support and weekly action plans to keep you accountable.

How much does it cost?

The next DF12 program starts April 19th and costs $250 or you can make 2 payments of $125.

This is the perfect time to start the program. This program will help you reach your weight loss goals and get you ready for the summer!

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Denise is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with degrees in nutrition and exercise physiology. She has helped people lose weight for over 15 years. Denise takes a holistic approach that is is evidenced based and individualized because she believes there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition. Denise loves working with clients in one on one sessions and group sessions. In Denise’s spare time, she loves to read, cook and spend time with her family and friends.


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